I have always been fascinated by the animal kingdom and nature. It fascinates me that humankind has the desire to document, preserve, examine, exhibit, and integrate this beauty in the artificial life of humans. My journey started with pursuing my studies in visual art at HKU and obtained a Masters in art policy and management from the University of Utrecht. Today, I am a taxidermist and educator with a deep affinity for interior design and styling.

While taxidermy has a scientific function, I also see my mounted birds as statement pieces designed to be displayed in living spaces and elevate them. For me, taxidermy is about capturing beauty and life in my work. Each piece is meticulously crafted, and I pay great attention to detail to ensure that every feather, expression, and natural pattern is preserved with precision.

My vision is to go beyond traditional taxidermy and create pieces that not only celebrate the natural world but also evoke a sense of wonder and respect. I believe that by showcasing the beauty of nature through art, we can foster a deeper connection between viewers and wildlife. Ethical sourcing and conservation are at the forefront of my practice, this plays a vital role in my artistic vision. I am dedicated to obtaining my birds responsibly.