Maintenance of taxidermy

  • We are not responsible for insects attacks and damages after delivery. 
  • Do not keep taxidermy items in dark boxes, basements, damp areas or areas with smoke/fumes.
  • All our birds are treated with a product against insects. For maintenance you may use a spray against moths and flying insects and use this 2 times per year on your mount. Spray from a distance.
  •  Keep your taxidermy away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will fade the colours.
  • Prevent the item from touching.
  • For dusting use a soft brush or feather duster. Never dust in the opposite direction of the feathers.  
  • A glass dome or case is not necessary but is a good solution to use for extra protection against insects and dust.
  • You cannot bend the head or limps from the piece. It will break.
  • Carry the piece always at the bottom (the wooden, metal or marble base).