I have always been fascinated by the animal kingdom. It fascinates me that humankind has the desire to document, preserve, examine, exhibit, and integrate this beauty in the artificial life of humans. I started with taxidermy 9 years ago to integrate mounted birds into my sculptural work. I pursued my studies in visual art at HKU and obtained a Masters in art policy and management from the University of Utrecht. Today, I am a full-time taxidermist and educator.

I am passionate about my craft and continuously seek opportunities to learn and grow. I love traveling and meeting other taxidermists from around the world, as it allows me to exchange knowledge and discover new techniques.

While taxidermy has a scientific function, I also see my mounted birds as statement pieces designed to be proudly displayed in living spaces. For me, taxidermy is about capturing beauty and life in my work. Each piece is meticulously crafted, and I pay great attention to detail to ensure that every feather, expression, and natural pattern is preserved with precision.

My vision is to go beyond traditional taxidermy and create pieces that not only celebrate the natural world but also evoke a sense of wonder and respect for the birds themselves. I believe that by showcasing the beauty of nature through art, we can foster a deeper connection between viewers and wildlife.

Ethical sourcing and conservation are at the forefront of my practice, this plays a vital role in my artistic vision. I am dedicated to obtaining my birds responsibly.

Ethically sourced

All my birds are ethically sourced,  I embrace a philosophy of responsible sourcing and preservation. I acquire my birds from avian culture; local breeders and bird keepers.

There is a vast network of bird keepers in Europe who provide a sustainable source of deceased birds.

I do not engage in the use of illegally killed birds, salted skins, or birds obtained solely for the purpose of taxidermy


I work with modern techniques and materials. To enhance the unique character of my pieces, I personally collect driftwood from the picturesque landscapes of Scandinavia. These weathered and organic materials bring a touch of natural beauty to my artwork, imbuing it with a sense of timelessness and connection to the environment.

In addition, my marble bases are selected and often custom-designed, sourced from various corners of the globe. These exquisite bases not only provide a solid foundation for my sculptures but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication.


At this moment my bookings are closed. 



Algemeen dagblad  09-01-2023 

‘Als iets weg is, is het weg’
Vooroordelen over mijn beroep

Na Het Nieuws do 21 nov 13:15 • BNNVARA • 26 min

Te gast: Docent strafrecht Luuk Esser, verpleegkundigen Britt Kraaijevanger en Ryan van den Oever, fotograaf Maartje ter Horst en taxidermist Daniëlle Frenken.

 NRC 27 november 2019

Die vogels wil ik in mijn kunst verwerken’
Gouden handen, hebben ze. Fotograaf Maartje ter Horst legt jonge vrouwen vast die oude ambachten uitoefenen.

Algemeen Dagblad 06-08-19

– Verslaggever Rachel snijdt in een vogeltje: ‘Er komt een bepaalde liefde bij kijken’,

Vogelen in de balie  , 01,07-2019 Amsterdam

In dit eerste programma staat de bijzonderste soort centraal: de vogelaar zelf. Wat drijft hem of haar om in volledig groen alle uithoeken van tuin, bos en berggebied af te speuren naar dat ene gesnavelde diertje?