For me, taxidermy is a means of capturing the inherent beauty and vitality of nature. I pay great attention to detail to ensure that every feather,
expression and natural pattern is preserved with precision

For me, taxidermy is a means of capturing the inherent beauty and vitality of nature.


I am a professional taxidermist located in the Netherlands, dedicated to crafting exceptional pieces with utmost care and passion. Each of my products is meticulously handmade, ensuring high quality.

Worldwide Shipping

I offer worldwide shipping for most of my products, although certain birds may have restrictions on international shipping. To provide clarity, the shipping eligibility for each item is clearly stated in its description, indicating whether it can be shipped to EU countries, or worldwide. If you’re searching for a striking addition to your interior, I invite you to explore the array of available items in my webshop.

Ethically sourced

All my birds are ethically sourced,  I embrace a philosophy of responsible sourcing and preservation. I acquire my birds from avian culture; local breeders and bird keepers.

There is a vast network of bird keepers in Europe who provide a sustainable source of deceased birds.

I do not engage in the use of illegally killed birds, salted skins, or birds obtained solely for the purpose of taxidermy

Techniques & Materials

I work with modern techniques and materials. To enhance the unique character of my pieces, I personally collect driftwood from the picturesque landscapes of Scandinavia. These weathered and organic materials bring a touch of natural beauty to my artwork, imbuing it with a sense of timelessness and connection to the environment.

In addition, my marble bases are selected and often custom-designed, sourced from various corners of the globe. These exquisite bases not only provide a solid foundation for my sculptures but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication.


My bookings are open for special projects for musea, commercial projects and artists.

Artist statement

I have always been fascinated by the animal kingdom and nature. It fascinates me that humankind has the desire to document, preserve, examine, exhibit, and integrate this beauty in the artificial life of humans. My journey started with pursuing my studies in visual art at HKU and obtained a Masters in art policy and management from the University of Utrecht. Today, I am a taxidermist and educator with a deep affinity for interior design and styling.

I am passionate about my craft and continuously seek opportunities to learn and grow. I like to work with different kind of media, from sculptural work, to painting or collage work.

While taxidermy has a scientific function, I also see my mounted birds as statement pieces designed to be displayed in living spaces and elevate them. For me, taxidermy is about capturing beauty and life in my work. Each piece is meticulously crafted, and I pay great attention to detail to ensure that every feather, expression, and natural pattern is preserved with precision.

My vision is to go beyond traditional taxidermy and create pieces that not only celebrate the natural world but also evoke a sense of wonder and respect. I believe that by showcasing the beauty of nature through art, we can foster a deeper connection between viewers and wildlife. Ethical sourcing and conservation are at the forefront of my practice, this plays a vital role in my artistic vision. I am dedicated to obtaining my birds responsibly.

Michel BoerrigterMichel Boerrigter
09:23 25 Nov 23
Yesterday I attended the chewing workshop with Daniëlle. It was the first time for me to mount a bird myself. Not only did the preparation work turn out very nicely, the workshop itself was also absolutely fantastic. Very nice studio and, above all, very nice guidance. Daniëlle has a lot of knowledge and experience with preparation and explains everything with a lot of patience. In my opinion, highly recommended!
Jan van AalstJan van Aalst
21:04 27 Oct 23
Danielle Frenken of DF Taxidermy is not only an exceptional taxidermist, but also a great person to work with. Her dedication to her craft and her love for animals and nature shine through in every piece she creates. Danielle took the time to understand and realize my specific vision, and the results were simply stunning. Her friendly and attentive approach made the whole experience very enjoyable. Very happy with my piece.
Hendrik du ToitHendrik du Toit
14:00 10 Oct 23
Daniëlle embodies multiple aspects of an excellent teacher you would want during a bird preparation workshop. She has a high degree of expertise and technical proficiency allowing for skills and techniques to be effectively conveyed. During the workshop, she was patient and provided outstanding guidance that ultimately allowed for a the completion of a beautiful mount.
dz xdz x
15:21 14 Aug 23
Last Friday I was able to take a course with Danielle, a very interesting and educational course with the reward of being able to take your own taxidermy bird home.A friendly and sociable teacher who has an eye for her profession.
Nicolo ZabarinoNicolo Zabarino
19:04 07 Jul 23
Maria & NicolaasMaria & Nicolaas
20:06 23 Apr 23
Thank you!
Aquila EcologieAquila Ecologie
20:01 23 Apr 23
Daniëlle has already made several beautiful pieces for our office!
Roald VerschuurRoald Verschuur
07:06 10 Nov 22
Super fun workshop, clear explanation!
carlijn pellegromcarlijn pellegrom
10:40 09 Oct 22
Last Wednesday I was allowed to put on a chew from A to Z at Daniëlle's workshop. It was an instructive process and plenty of time was taken for questions and help. I had a really nice day! Highly recommended if you want to learn or start birding!
Johannes LinkJohannes Link
14:57 05 Sep 22
I‘m in love with the work of this extraordinary,professional,dependable and supercreative taxidermist.Danielle Frenken creates gorgeous arrangements,has a perfect way to reproduce the nature and lifelike look of all her artworks and by the way she’s super friendly and kind.I bought my first pieces of her work a few years ago and year by year I bought more and more - so you Love taxidermy -you love Danielle‘s way of taxidermy -trust in me .Go on with your amazing work Danielle and thank you sooooooooo much for all the artworks I was able to collect so far-I guess I’ll collect a lot more of them-they are awesome ❤️
Carolyn LandenCarolyn Landen
14:50 05 Sep 22
Bought a beautiful bee catcher and shipped internationally. I am very pleased with how smoothly the transaction went. Her work is gorgeous!
Jo HJo H
20:31 15 Apr 22
I purchased a beautiful piece of taxidermy from Danielle. She was very quick to answer any questions I had and was friendly and polite. Her work is of outstanding quality and she is obviously very professional and very skilled! The mount got to me in the UK in about a week in perfect condition- well wrapped for the journey. I would highly recommend.
Darryl MantelDarryl Mantel
16:09 17 Nov 21
Very nice and interesting workshop preparation, personal guidance, a lot of choice of birds and working with respect for the animals.Recommended!
Alyssa SkeltonAlyssa Skelton
06:13 25 Jan 21
I could not recommend Daniëlle's work more highly. I've commissioned several birds from her and she's always responsive, goes above and beyond to create the pieces of my dreams, and finishes everything impeccably. I'll definitely be coming to Daniëlle for more birds in the future!
Janneke VosJanneke Vos
21:28 22 Jan 21
Danielle is a very patient and kind taxidermist. The quality she delivers is by far one of the best in the Netherlands. When you are looking for a bird taxidermist, she is definitely the choice I would recommend! Next to commissions, she also offers workshops which are the perfect stepping stone for the beginning and even more experienced taxidermists.
joe bonfigliojoe bonfiglio
16:36 17 Jan 21
Danielle’s work is first class! I am honored to have three of her stunning pieces in my collection (an African pied hornbill, a violet turaco and a black necked swan cygnet) and have a current commission in the works! Her reputation and the quality of her mounts and artistry precedes her.I’ve yet to encounter an artist more professional, creative, talented, responsive, meticulous, kind or willing to collaborate on ideas than Danielle. Whether you’re a first time taxidermy buyer or an avid collector, I cannot recommend her highly enough.My only issue is coming up with additional space in my home to feature more of her ethically sourced works of art...I will be a lifelong admirer and client!
frederic jacqueyfrederic jacquey
13:32 17 Jan 21
I have already bought a lot of birds from Daniëlle. Her work is just extraordinary. It's no longer taxidermy, it's really art! She is very professional and keeps her commitments. I recommend her work to those who love taxidermized birds.
Elie VandoorneElie Vandoorne
13:31 17 Jan 21
When I first discovered taxidermy, I was immediately intrigued by the concept of giving a deceased animal a 'second life' and being able to continue to admire it after death.Eventually I discovered Daniëlle for the first time through her Instagram page. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to follow her work closely ...I was immediately charmed by her work and the way she brought that bit of 'extra' that, in my opinion, is often missing from other taxidermists. More than any other taxidermist I know or follow, Daniëlle understands that it is about more than just the technique of setting up. Not only does she know very well how to capture the soul and dynamics of each bird, she also integrates it in a tasteful setting by giving equal attention to the presentation of the whole. For this she uses beautiful driftwood and sleek marble postaments that have become almost characteristic of her own unique style.It is no understatement to say that I have fallen in love with her work in the meantime and that has also translated into several successful committees (see photos).In conclusion ... I have become a regular customer and I heartily recommend fellow bird and taxidermy enthusiasts to do the same.