My prices are based on the amount of work that goes into a mount, the difficulty of the bird and the materials. Cleaning a bird professional and making it lifelike takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not possible to add a specific value to the investment in equipment, renovations and bills to keep the workshop open and running, saving for ‘days off’ and retirements.  These are also important costs for me. For my personal work my prices also depend on the price I’ve paid for the dead bird. (Avian birds come from local breeders and traders and are all ethically sourced). My prices include VAT and local taxes. 

Shipping costs are based on our local post service. Please be aware of the time and costs it takes to pack fragile mounted birds. If you are local, I highly recommend picking-up your bird. 

My prices are not negotiable. 



–  I only work with legally obtained birds. 
–  I do not take in pet commissions, very juvenile birds (exceptions for fluffy chicks), salted skins and killed birds. 
–  I do not take in very large shop orders at this moment. 
–  I do not take in large birds (raven and pheasant is my limit) pigeons and ducks.
–  I charge a non refundable 50% deposit for commissions. Payment by bank or Paypal as friend/family. Additional costs for fees need to be covered by the customer. 
–  Nothing leaves the workshop before full payment is done, commissioned work cannot be returned. 
–  Shipping costs are for the customer. Please be aware of the time and costs it takes to pack fragile mounted birds.
–  My waiting time is 6 months (starting on the day the deposit is done). For urgent orders I charge an extra fee. 
–  Desires for the base and position can be e-mailed. I use this as a guideline. Copying a position is hard and it’s easier to work with a guideline and adjust the position of the bird and the base to make it all balanced. If there are too many desires I cannot full-fill, I will decline the commission. 
–  I charge an additional fee for open wing commissions, glass domes (only pick-up) and marble bases. 
– The drying time of a bird is 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of the bird, before it can do the finishing work. 
– Reaching out before your waiting time is useless. Please respect your waiting time.

– I do have a lot of birds in stock I can do as a commission. I really like to work on commissions where I get a lot of freedom, there is always a place for these kind of commissions in my schedule.

Laws & importing 

–  For Dutch customers: more information about our local laws can be find on my website on my page ‘pricelist’
–  I do ship overseas and outside the EU. I’m aware of our local laws, CITES laws and some of the USA laws, but it’s impossible for me to know all laws and rules. Therefore customers are fully responsible for checking your own local laws. I’m not responsible for seizures at customs.  For all detailled information laws and shipping check my shipping policies.