About Us

About us

We are a small team of professional taxidermists based in the Netherlands. All our products are handmade with care, love and passion, resulting in high quality products.

Ethically sourced

We acquire our animals from breeders, zoos and farms, and we can guarantee you that none of our animals lost their lives for the sheer purpose of taxidermy. The majority of our animals died a natural death, although some animals had to be put down due to disease.


- We use modern techniques to create a high quality product.
-Our bird mounts are treated with a product against moths and bugs.
- If you woud like to protect your mount against insects in the future you may use a spray against moths and flying insects and use this 2 times per year on your mount. Spray from a distance.
- Prevent the mount from touching.
- Dust your mount with a gentle brush or a feather duster.


In case you are looking for something in specific, you can always send us an e-mail. We have a large stock available and due to our contacts with other taxidermist we are able to offer a wide range of products and services upon request. We are happy to think along with you in an effort to make sure you find what you seek.

Team members

Daniëlle Frenken – Owner & Taxidermist

Daniëlle has always been fascinated by the animal kingdom. It fascinates her that humankind has the desire to document, preserve, examine, exhibit, and integrate this beauty in the artificial life of human. She started with taxidermy 5 years ago to integrate mounted birds in her sculptural work. She went to the HKU (visual art in design and education) and University Utrecht (Masters art policy and management) Nowadays she is a fulltime taxidermist. She likes to travel and meet other taxidermist over the world and learn new techniques. Beside the scientific function of taxidermy she sees her mounted birds as statement pieces designed to be shown off in the living room. She tries to capture beauty and life  in her work and carefully combines the wood and marble so it becomes one piece.




Na Het Nieuws do 21 nov 13:15 • BNNVARA • 26 min

Te gast: Docent strafrecht Luuk Esser, verpleegkundigen Britt Kraaijevanger en Ryan van den Oever, fotograaf Maartje ter Horst en taxidermist Daniëlle Frenken.


 NRC 27 november 2019

Die vogels wil ik in mijn kunst verwerken’
Gouden handen, hebben ze. Fotograaf Maartje ter Horst legt jonge vrouwen vast die oude ambachten uitoefenen.


Algemeen Dagblad 06-08-19

– Verslaggever Rachel snijdt in een vogeltje: ‘Er komt een bepaalde liefde bij kijken’, 



Vogelen in de balie  , 01,07-2019 Amsterdam

In dit eerste programma staat de bijzonderste soort centraal: de vogelaar zelf. Wat drijft hem of haar om in volledig groen alle uithoeken van tuin, bos en berggebied af te speuren naar dat ene gesnavelde diertje?